About the Artist: 

Amanda comes from a family deeply rooted in the Art and Custom Framing Industry. Soon after graduating from Winthrop University, Amanda acquired Bennetts’ Frame and Art Gallery in Greenville, SC from her parents. Much more than just a business owner, Amanda is a passionate creator and community contributor. Amanda is a visionary in art, home design and business.

In a world of uniformity, Amanda believes that by bringing vibrant personal expression to your space you can create a genuinely personal oasis. Drawing on her years of Custom Framing experience, Amanda melds framing with functionality in creating personalized functional pieces to adorn your space.  Custom Trays are only the beginning.

Amanda Carol Home is the merging of Amanda’s vibrant creativity and extensive experience in the Art Industry. She knew if she could envision it, she could create it … and so she did! In addition to having custom trays selling in Boutiques across the Southeastern United States, Amanda has also been busy creating new product lines. With the launch of her online boutique, Amanda is not only offering her products to individuals, but also welcomes Trade Partners.

Amanda delights not only in creating but also in curating. Her love of travel has taken her all across the country to new places where she acquires products that awaken her senses and deepen her passion for interior design and artful creativity. These products will be made available to you through her online boutique, Amanda Carol Home: A Creative Collection.


Community Contributor

Profoundly impacted by Art and Custom Framing, Amanda has had the opportunity to give back to both the Arts and Education Community.  She regularly donates supplies to local Art Teachers and Art Departments hoping to make a difference in the lives of the next generation of artists and creators.  She also generously contributes to the Juvenile Diabetic Research Foundation in hopes of bettering the lives of those impacted by diabetes. Amanda knows being entrusted with creativity and passion positions her to positively impact her community and she enjoys doing just that.